The newest member of the team, Benoit joined Pilot Hotels concurrent with its purchase of the Château du Grand-Lucé in 2017. Born and raised in Montreal — with French as his first language — it is no coincidence that Benoit joined the team just as a French speaking project manager was needed.

Incredibly talented and extraordinarily organized, Benoit brings more than just a mastery of the French language to the table. After studying design in Montreal, he spent more than a decade working in architecture and engineering. Always an entrepreneur, his understanding of various business models is exceptional. With a keen focus on the end result, Benoit pragmatically assesses and solves the puzzle that is property development and preservation.

As Project Manager, Benoit has his attention focused on Pilot Hotel’s current French project, Hotel Château du Grand-Lucé. He is responsible for all oversight, from hiring architects, engineers, contractors and consultants, to collaborating with the design team on scope and vision, as well as managing scheduling and budgeting, and of course, translating French to English for the rest of team.

Benoit lives in Southern California with his wife, two boys and a Dalmatian puppy. An accomplished athlete, Benoit has been a triathlete his entire adult life and has a passion for cycling.