Pilot. A helmsman, a leader — guiding ships to various ports. The captain of an aircraft, traversing the skies, delivering intrepid travelers to imaginable and unimaginable locations and indescribable destinations. Pilot. It is the visionary, the vanguard, the first — seeing something that perhaps most others do not see. It is being
brave, daring, disruptive and perhaps a bit irreverent. It is having the confidence to imagine infinite possibilities and having the focus and determination to execute a vision with precision and clarity.

At Pilot Hotels, we are on an inexhaustible quest to deliver unapologetic luxury in destination-defining properties. With a design savvy that is layered in authenticity and an elite level of service that is both intuitive and extraordinary, Pilot Hotels sets its compass to its own true north. Our team is elevating the standard in uber-luxe boutique hotel travel experiences with its curated designs and carefully navigated destinations.